At The New Kit, our goal is to make YOU look good!

We are a wholesale-only manufacturer of quality PVC sign blanks, PVC sign kits and accessories to compliment carved PVC signage package you choose  to purchase. We under promise and over deliver. The signs you receive, will be exactly what you ordered! We made our debut in the signage industry over 30 years ago, in 1980. For the first 18 years, we were a retail sign shop serving the New York tri-state area. In 1997, we evolved into a wholesale-only sign manufacturer. Focusing on selling, designing and streamlining the installation process of various types of PVC signs including post and panel signs, blank signs and carved sign kits. We made “easy” our mission, dedicating years to streamlining the sales/manufacturing processes of PVC signs seamless for all signs shops, regardless of size.

We are strictly wholesale to the sign industry only, our sign shop clients rely on our product and manufacturing expertise – which drives our business growth. We are dedicated to our loyal dealers and manufacturing a product that will help them to achieve extreme business success.

The New Kit Mission Statement
  • Our mission is to dynamically grow sign companies by visually creating a deep, sweeping sense of pride from within and developing powerful recognition in the world market place.
  • We boldly create signs of joy, excitement, innovation and prosperity. Our marketing efforts are client-focused and value driven.
  • The unseen and unspoken message one receives upon viewing our signs are where their power and value lie.
  • Our relationship with our creative team, suppliers and clients are open, truthful and peaceful. They appreciate our work and recommend us frequently.
  • We pay our obligations promptly and receive payment when ordered. Our work environment is artistically stimulating and state-of-the-art.
  • Our work place is healthy, our carbon foot print small and our products are environmentally green. We do not use or produce harmful products or waste.
  • Our company is highly profitable and our compensation package for our creative team is one of the best. We are leaders in product and production innovation.
  • We regularly share our techniques with the trade. This is the mission statement of The New Kit, the leading manufacturer of quality PVC signs to the signage industry.

The PVC signs and posts are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner against rotting, splitting, delaminating, corroding, rusting, or damage due to termites.

The paint surfaces are warranted for a period of three years from the date of manufacture against peeling, cracking and delaminating.